DUPLEX 1400–15100 Basic

Versatile compact HVAC units Versatile compact units DUPLEX 1400–15100 Basic

The newest generation of customized HVAC units with cross-flow heat recovery exchangers. This line is a cheaper version of the highest quality sister line DUPLEX Multi. DUPLEX Basic line has cross-flow exchanger up to 75 % of heat recovery efficiency and two kinds of control system – high-end RD5 control system with internet connection option or more economic CPM control system with touch screen controller CPM or rotable CP 10 RA controller.

[PDF]    Summary marketing catalogue DUPLEX Basic

 [PDF]   Technical catalogue DUPLEX 1400–15100 Basic

[ATREA] Selection software


Great compactness – up to 60 % space reduction; Easy instalation, no secondary costs; Own production of various heat recovery cores with efficiency from 50 to 92 % ...

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Our Selection Software

ATREA s.r.o. offers a DUPLEX compact unit selection software for use by the design professionals.
The program is presently spread as a freeware ...

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Case study of the usage of ATREA units in a multi-purpose building. You can easily hover your mouse cursor
over the multi-purpose building and click on your selection