SMART box system

SMART box system SMART box ATREA  

SMART box system by ATREA is the only solution on the market, linking together a central heat recovery AHU, up to 63 individually controllable decentralized VAV boxes and a cutting-edge control system including sophisticated controllers and a service interface for each flat or office.

 [PDF]    SMART box Technical sheet

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[ATREA] Selection software

ATREA also provides a cheaper version EASY box system – a complete solution with lower technical features but better price level.

[PDF]     EASY box Technical sheet


DUPLEX Flexi have very important competitive advantages concerning their construction and business philosophy that was coordinated with premium European wholesalers.

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Our Selection Software

ATREA s.r.o. offers a DUPLEX compact unit selection software for use by the design professionals.
The program is presently spread as a freeware ...

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PHI Certification

We are happy to let you know that ATREA has achieved another success to confirm we are a true leader in ventilation and heat recovery as we claim in our slogan.

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