DUPLEX 1500–15000 Roto

Versatile compact HVAC units Versatile compact HVAC units DUPLEX 1500–15000 Roto 

All-purpose units DUPLEX Roto with rotary wheel heat recovery exchangers can be provided in both versions inside and outside and follow the philosophy of multiple variability of other ATREA sister lines. DUPLEX Roto completes the series of DUPLEX Multi and DUPLEX Basic units and expands ATREA with three additional sizes of ventilation units with air capacities from 1.500, 2.500, 4.000, 5.000, 8.000, 12.000 and 15.000 mc/h.

[PDF] Summary marketing Catalogue DUPLEX 1500–15000 Roto

[PDF] Technical Catalogue DUPLEX 1500–15000 Roto

[PDF] Technical Catalogue DUPLEX 1500–15000 Roto-N

[ATREA] Selection software


DUPLEX Flexi have very important competitive advantages concerning their construction and business philosophy that was coordinated with premium European wholesalers.

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Our Selection Software

ATREA s.r.o. offers a DUPLEX compact unit selection software for use by the design professionals.
The program is presently spread as a freeware ...

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PHI Certification

We are happy to let you know that ATREA has achieved another success to confirm we are a true leader in ventilation and heat recovery as we claim in our slogan.

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