DUPLEX 500–3500 Flexi-V

Versatile compact units Versatile compact HVAC units DUPLEX 500–3500 Flexi-V 

DUPLEX Flexi-V mass-produced ventilation units are equipped with highly efficient heat exchangers, which achieve a temperature efficiency of up to 93 % with low pressure losses on the air side. Equally important parts and literally the driving force are the new top-quality EC fans – products from the world-renowned manufacturers ebm-papst and Ziehl Abegg. Given the emphasis on energy savings and increased equipment efficiency it goes without saying that the whole range of EC fans complies with the requirements of fan directive ErP 2015 and even exceed them. The entire DUPLEX Flexi-V range is manufactured in a universal design and guarantees high variability. In the basic configuration the units contain two independently controlled EC fans with backward curved blades, high-efficiency plate heat recovery exchangers with a large heat exchange area, retractable supply and exhaust air filters of class ePM10 50 % or ePM1 55 % (classified according to EN ISO 16890) and internal by-pass flaps with servo motors. The housing of the ventilation units comprises a frameless sandwich casing with excellent thermal insulation and minimal thermal bridging, making the equipment even more economical to operate. According to the EN 1886 classification the units comply with thermal insulation class T2 and thermal bridge coefficient class TB2.

The following additional options are available for the DUPLEX Flexi-V:

  • two-stage air filtration on supply and exhaust branches,
  • built-in heating register (water or electric),
  • built-in cooling register (water or direct evaporator),
  • built-in electric preheater to protect heat exchanger.

Another advantage is that it is simple to switch between the supply and exhaust branches by entering a single parameter in the control system (in the case of RD5 regulation). The entire measurement and regulation system is based on the plug & play principle.

[PDF] Marketing Catalogue DUPLEX 500–3500 Flexi-V

[PDF] Technical Catalogue DUPLEX 500–3500 Flexi-V

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