Product range

Product Range

The entire manufacturing programme is currently divided into 4 major areas:

  • DOMESTIC LINE – Residential ventilation and warm-air heating – Airflow rate range between 180–550 mc/h
  • COMMERCIAL LINE – Multi-purpose unit ventilators with heat recovery – Airflow rate range between 500–15 000 mc/h
  • KITCHEN LINE – Kitchen ventilation ceilings and kitchen hoods
  • SCHOOL UNITDuctless ventilation unit with stand-alone design

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Why We are successful:

  • Great compactness – up to 60 % space reduction
  • Own production of various heat recovery cores with efficiency from 50 to 92 %
  • Great variety of mounting positions and port possibilities
  • Three-week delivery times or shorter for all products
  • Own control system by ATREA
  • Own ATREA selection software – also for residential ventilation AHUs
  • Easy instalation, plug and play systems, no secondary costs
  • CE certification
  • VDI 6022
  • Passive house certification