Ventilation units for domestic application with heat recovery are used for comfort constant pressure ventilation of flats and family houses. We offer a coherent range of ventilation units DUPLEX EC5 for horizontal mounting position (including the very popular underceiling version with a depth dimension 290 mm) and DUPLEX ECV5 for vertical positioning in a building.

ATREA also offers cheaper solution for wholesalers or for big projects where price is the most important issue. These DUPLEX Easy units are in EPP casing but equipped with the top quality components and reaching the heat recovery efficiency up to 92 %.


These units are horizontal or vertical mounting position. DUPLEX EC5 offer excellent dimensions, EBM fans, 92 % turbulent heat recovery exchanger and high-demand control system with internet connection as standard.

  • DUPLEX 170 EC5
  • DUPLEX 280 ECV5
  • DUPLEX 370 EC5
  • DUPLEX 380 ECV5
  • DUPLEX 570 EC5
  • DUPLEX 580 ECV5


These units are cheaper domestic air-handdling units in EPP casing but still with great components inside. Thus the performance is excellent. The units can also go with various control systems and different controllers to meet the price requests of individual customer or project.

  • DUPLEX 250 Easy
  • DUPLEX 300 Easy
  • DUPLEX 400 Easy

SMART Box system

SMART box system by ATREA is the only solution on the market, linking together a central heat recovery AHU, up to 63 individually controllable decentralized VAV boxes and a cutting-edge control system including sophisticated controllers and a service interface for each flat or office.

  • ø 125 (15–130 m3/h)
  • ø 160 (22–220 m3/h)
  • ø 200 (110–550 m3/h)
  • ø 250 (200–850 m3/h)
  • ø 315 (300–1400 m3/h)
  • ø 400 (400–2600 m3/h)
Smart Box system (shielded)


DUPLEX EC5 and new DUPLEX Easy production lines have very important competitive advantages concerning their construction and business philosophy that was coordinated based on requests of premium European markets.

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Our Selection Software

ATREA s.r.o. offers a DUPLEX compact unit selection software for use by the design professionals.
The program is presently spread as a freeware.

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Here you can download all relevant catalogue sheets in pdf format to find out all the details about our Domestic line products.