Control system  Ceilings pohled do strojovny

Why ventilation and air-conditioning ceilings?

An attractive design solution with optimum extraction and lighting functions. Not just for kitchens, but also for canteens or show kitchens. Prices comparable with extractor hood systems. Intended for kitchens of all sizes.

Why extractor hoods?

A wide range of various types from basic extraction to integrated heat recovery. An option to deliver a comprehensive ventilation and air-conditioning system. Intended for small and medium-sized kitchens

How to design a proper system for industrial kitchens?

This section tells you all you need to know about designing a proper system and things to avoid. Intended primarily for catering facility operators.

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ATREA s.r.o. manufactures main system components that include DUPLEX ventilation units with heat recovery, ventilation and air-conditioning ceilings, extractor hoods, ventilation units for hot-air heating of houses and flats and controls for these systems.

What we offer?

Proprietary products, consultancy services, the compilation of studies or project design documentation. For more details, feel free to contact us.

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