Automatic operation control Automatic operation control 

A control system developed specifically for catering facilities. The basic principle of operation is the detection of temperatures above the cooking range and simultaneously in non-cooking areas with standard room temperature. As these values are evaluated, the optimum performance of the HVAC system is automatically provided. The obvious advantage of this design is a reduction in fan operation costs and the requirement of fresh air reheating by up to 40 %.

We recommend installing it as a system with a DUPLEX ventilation unit or with SVF fan components and automatic operation control.

How to design a proper system for industrial kitchens?

This section tells you all you need to know about designing a proper system and things to avoid. Intended primarily for catering facility operators.

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ATREA s.r.o. manufactures main system components that include DUPLEX ventilation units with heat recovery, ventilation and air-conditioning ceilings, extractor hoods, ventilation units for hot-air heating of houses and flats and controls for these systems.

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