Why a ventilation and air-conditioning ceiling?

Why a ventilation and air-conditioning ceiling?
  • Can be used for kitchens of all sizes and types
  • Five-year warranty
  • Costs comparable to extractor hood systems
  • A closed extraction system meeting the most stringent requirements for catering facility hygiene
  • The closed system fully protects the built-in lighting fixtures, ceiling structures and other utilities
  • It meets all legislative requirements
  • An optimum extraction function across the entire area of the facility to guarantee 100% capture and extraction of exhaust air
  • Its design is suitable for both industrial kitchens and public areas such as canteens and show kitchens
  • Guaranteed lighting intensity of 500 lx on the work top with minimum fluctuation
  • Uniform supply airflow through large-diameter outlets
  • A pleasant, light and airy environment for staff
  • If the layout of the kitchen’s appliances is altered, it is not necessary to modify the ventilation ceiling or the HVAC system itself
  • Fast, easy and cheap cleaning of external and internal surfaces thanks to the stainless / polycarbonate materials used
  • Maintenance only comprises the cleaning of fat filters in a dishwasher 4-6 times a year, depending on the intensity of operation
  • The purchase price is between 30 and 50 % lower compared to competition
  • The purchase price comparable to a system with extractor hoods
  • Experience with approximately 100 projects in the Czech Republic