Ventilation unit back multi-purpose building


The standard volume of air is 50 m3/h per person, with additional 10 m3/h per smoker; staff are also included (70 m3/h in a non-smoking establishment, 100 m3/h if smoking is allowed). If the building shell’s surfaces are made of glass, warm air is usually blown over those to eliminate the feeling of cold in winter (comfort for customers), while in summer cooling can be used to eliminate heat gains. When installed in such facilities, HVAC systems with heat recovery bring a significant cost reduction.


Great compactness – up to 60 % space reduction; Easy instalation, no secondary costs; Own production of various heat recovery cores with efficiency from 50 to 92 % ...

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Our Selection Software

ATREA s.r.o. offers a DUPLEX compact unit selection software for use by the design professionals.
The program is presently spread as a freeware ...

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Case study of the usage of ATREA units in a multi-purpose building. You can easily hover your mouse cursor
over the multi-purpose building and click on your selection